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Data Screens

Specific information about the incident, response units, and the patient can then be selected for viewing. This includes electronic images of the PCR and additional documentation.

The Incident Information screen includes specific information such as incident number, incident type and location, and response outcome.

The Unit Information screen includes information about responding units, response times, and patients treated.

The Patient Information screen includes specific patient information, billing and insurance information, and patient medical history.

The Onset/Outcome screen includes information on responding units and personnel, base and receiving hospitals, transportation and patient status.

The Presentation screen includes information about what responding units found upon arrival at the scene as well as patient assessment with vital signs and Glasgow Coma Scale.

The Treatment screen includes information on treatments that were administered and supplies that were used.

An electronic image of the PCR, along with any other supporting documentation, is available for viewing. In addition to scanned images, other objects can be attached to an incident - including electronic documents, digital photographs, scanned photographs, sound files, movie files, and digital output from medical devices.