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Image & Data Management

Information - when you want it!

In addition to automating the capture of data from Patient Care Records, FireMed Pro software is used to access incident data and images for viewing, analysis, and reporting. It is powerful yet intuitive - giving you access to the information you want - when you want it.

Virtually any data collected about an incident or patient is accessible with a click of a mouse. Incident data is categorized and presented in a logical fashion on a number of easy-to-read, informative screens.

You can locate a PCR in a matter of seconds and view it, print it or email it. Any additional documentation can be stored electronically with the PCR - including scanned paper documents, electronic documents, scanned photos, digital photos, movie and voice files, and digital output from medical devices.

Powerful reporting capabilities allow you to run operational or clinical management reports on any segment of your Department's response activities. Some examples include reporting on:

  • Unit response times, by station
  • Identifying ALS or BLS runs by unit by individual
  • Various types of trauma experienced over a specific time period
  • Review of protocol compliance and treatment audit

And, because everything is stored digitally, the need for additional filing space is eliminated!